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With voice recognition maturing, it has finally rubbed onto Control 4 in a spectacularly inexpensive and easy to use way!  In the dark ages, it took approximately a day or two to program a client’s voice, only to be recognizable by a system. Next came the fun task of actually programming the scenes to activate.  It was doable, but average voice recognition upgrades were well above $6k.  Yes, some clients paid that much money only to allow their smart house to voice recognize a only dozen or so simple commands. Now in most instances, it can be done for $50 a room, and with more choices of what to do!  What’s even better is that a Smart Home controller now starts at about $500.  Control your house in so many ways including Audio, Video, HVAC, Lighting, and Surveillance.

So when you ask yourself; “why do I need a digital assistant like Alexa on the Amazon Echo”? The answer is that it allows select integrators like EQ Technologies to fully voice activate a smart home. Be it on the Amazon Echo or with the iPhone / iOS app, you can now easily and economically control your home with your voice!!!

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