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EQ's COVID-19 Response

EQ Technologies provides products, services, and technologies that are essential to the continued operation and safety of your residences and businesses. Our products and services also enable many of you to do your part to help stop the spread of COVID-19 by working from home. Our essential offerings include networking, WiFi, power, infrastructure, security, audiovisual distribution, lighting, and control. We also continue to apply and follow the essential business, health and safety guidance provided by state and local governments. For all of the reasons above, and to assist in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, we will remain open to serve you.

Health and safety is our number one priority as we continue operations. Therefore, we have implemented measures to protect our employees and clients. No employee is permitted to work while sick and should they become ill; they are not allowed to return to work until they have received a negative COVID-19 screening. Technicians that visit customer sites are required to wear safety equipment, practice safe distancing and not engaging in any physical contact. Our company vehicles now have sanitizing stations and employees are required to sanitize before, during, and after customer visits. We continue to monitor and apply national, state, and local health and safety guidance.

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