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Aging In Place or Aging with Tech?

Tech and automation is empowering boomers and beyond. The Pew Research Center tells us that 10,000 Americans turned 65 today. Another 10,000 will turn 65 tomorrow…and the same the day after…and on for the next 20 years…

Most of us share a strong desire to keep ourselves, our parents, and other loved ones, living safely and independently within the homes where we’ve built up a lifetime of memories. There is undisputed statistical evidence that points to longer, more fulfilling life expectancies for those who plan ahead, yet the average consumer still thinks that things should change only after having experienced that “I’ve Fallen and I Can’t Get Up!” moment. A retroactive solution is not the best solution to an ever-growing aging population.  Here is the surprising part: your local audio/video integrator may be able to help with making everyday life easier and allow you to become proactive regarding emergencies.

Custom electronics can go beyond providing simple creature comforts, and actually enhance your ability to connect with family and caregivers. Tools ranging from motion detection and camera systems, for interior or exterior needs, can provide improved security and monitoring for improved piece of mind. Alerts can be sent to anyone inside or outside the home as to exactly what is going on. Non-Invasive monitoring solutions like pressure and contact sensors have opened up new ways of approaching the care and support of individuals who may sleepwalk, suffer from some form of dementia, or have a history with late night falls.

Let’s not wait until we, or those we love, have “fallen and can’t get up”.  Let integrators demonstrate how home theater and smart home automation solutions can truly show you what it means to age-in-place!

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