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Smart Home Showroom -- by appointment only

Cleveland and surrounding Northeast Ohio can depend on EQ for premium Audio, Video, Smart Homes, Home Theater, Surveillance, Network and more.   Top industry pros putting the latest technology and aggressive pricing at the forefront.  Sales, Installation, and Design Solutions for Residential or Commercial.


Our promise is to continue to deliver uncommonly high value and quality service. We are eager to show you how industry leading technologies can enhance your home or business!

EQ Technologies' showroom and design studio is located in a very special Smart Home in University Circle, Cleveland. At the cutting edge of energy efficiency and smart home technologies, it became the first in Ohio to be certified by the Passive House Institute of the US. While also showcasing the latest in audio, video and smart home technologies, the design studio demonstrates how we can adapt to an energy-limited future, while having greater comfort and way more fun!

Contact us for a free and honest estimate at no obligation. Also, visit our Smart Home Showroom (by appointment only).

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